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Three Essentials to Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate

Published: June 5, 2015

You will often hear the term 'bounce rate' when there is a discussion about the quality metrics related to search engine optimization. Your website's bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who leave your site after viewing just one page. If the bounce rate for your medical website is high, it can mean...  read more

How to Make Your Practice Website Stand Out

Published: June 4, 2015

The key to creating a great website is to offer better, more relevant and highly engaging content to your users. The objective is not just to provide content or information, but rather to give information in a unique and innovative way. When you are in the medical profession, you have the opportunity to keep updating...  read more

Effective Web Design - Four Tips for Building an Impressive Website

Published: June 3, 2015

When you are developing a website for your professional medical practice, you want to ensure that it looks up to date and in sync with the existing web design trends. You want to avoid having a redundant web design layout. The medical profession is a dignified line of work which requires the doctor to earn...  read more

The Benefits of an Easy-to-Use, Engaging Medical Website

Published: May 29, 2015

Your website talks about your medical practice. It tells visitors what you do and what you know. It is a means to build trust between you and (potential) patients. Your website should be designed, therefore, keeping in mind that it can generate business as easily as it can lose it and that the only way...  read more

Factors to Keep in Mind While Picking Your Website's Layout

Published: May 27, 2015

Your website is, essentially, a marketing tool for your medical practice. It should convey its purpose clearly and must provide all the information that visitors to your site seek. Therefore, the layout that you choose for your website should enable you to accomplish this. Choosing a Website Layout The following factors have to be kept...  read more

Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website for a Physician or Practice

Published: May 25, 2015

It is a well-known fact that the popularity of mobile devices is increasing. It is also true that an increasing number of people access the internet through their mobile devices everyday and their purpose is to find information at the right time, no matter where they are. The information that they seek also includes doctors...  read more

What First Impression Does Your Website Give?

Published: May 22, 2015

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated, and this is especially true when it comes to the Internet. You only have seconds to capture the attention of online users when they land on your website, so it is important to get your website design right. Your website does not mean only your homepage. Online...  read more

SEO Practices to Improve Your Organic Search Results

Published: May 20, 2015

It's no secret that a growing number of people rely on the internet to help them in their daily activities. This includes searching for  doctors who can treat their illnesses and are located close to the patient's home or place of work. Doctors should, as a result, work to ensure that their website turns up...  read more

Four Content Marketing Tips Every Doctor Should Follow

Published: May 18, 2015

There are a number of key factors that make up a successful website, including a good design and a focus on search engine optimization (SEO). However, without good content, you will find it difficult to compete with other doctors in your field. Content marketing is a practice focused on providing valuable information to your patients...  read more

How To Get Your Patients To Adopt The Patient Portal

Published: May 13, 2015

An online patient portal is a boon for both medical professionals and also patients, given that it is loaded with benefits. Availability of healthcare information of a patient online makes it easier to review, analyze and offer treatment in the quickest possible ways. While a majority of their patients want to access their healthcare record...  read more