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HIPAA-Compliant Email

Email for health professionals are subject to patient privacy laws concerning Patient Health Information (PHI) and are regulated by HIPAA and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Dr. Leonardo carefully considered many different email companies as companion services to our website builder before choosing EnGuard as our choice provider.

EnGuard provides a 'one-stop' solution for HIPAA-Compliant Email: email hosting, secure file attachments, message encryption, data loss prevention, email archiving, and more. Avoid sending PHI using your personal email address, Internet Service Provider, or even hosted email from other companies. Odds are, your current email service is not HIPAA-Compliant.

With their user-friendly Hosted Email Service, you can send and receive secure email with their Secure Webmail, using any mobile device, and email apps like Outlook or Apple Mail. Send Secure Attachments up to 2GB! EnGuard provides TLS Encryption for data in transit and Message Encryption for data at rest. Never lose an email again with Email Archiving. Sync and remote wipe mobile devices with Exchange ActiveSync, plus much more!

If you need help switching over from another email provider, EnGuard can do it. No matter how large your company is, EnGuard will perform a complimentary migration to get you moved over with no downtime. They also offer a free 1-hour setup training session over the phone with one of their techs to ensure your switch is completely painless. With no contract or setup fees, EnGuard can handle your HIPAA-Compliant Email!