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Just like the paper medical record, the day of the traditional website is gone. Modern websites must live and grow with their practices to provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure for the future demands of the healthcare market.

Dr. Leonardo has everything you need to create your practice website in just minutes including:

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It's the LAST Website You'll Ever Need

Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Sites are cloud-based, so they are continuously updated with new cutting-edge design trends, patient education content, and a multitude of features that makes your website an extension of your front desk. In other words, your website will continuously adapt as the market evolves making a Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Site truly the last website your practice will ever need.

No Other Website Builder Has More Features for Healthcare Practices

Change your design or update your content with the simple click of a button, so you can forget the hassle of having to redesign your website every few years and the associated costs that come along with it. Take back control of your online presence with the provider-preferred DIY web solution known as Dr. Leonardo.

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Online Marketing

As patient-oriented technologies continue to evolve, more patients turn to the Internet for answers regarding their health every day. Dr. Leonardo helps to improve the Internet presence of your practice through a variety of online marketing efforts including integrated search engine optimization tools and social media platform integration.

For the practices interested in more competitive forms of digital marketing and reputation management, our premier partner may be the perfect solution.

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Increase your search engine visibility with a free business listing on Google My Business. Improve your SEO ranking and start building search authority in your local community.

Build Your Practice-Site

Practice-Site Examples