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A PROVIDER-Site by Dr. Leonardo is a customizable personal website registered at the domain for your name, i.e. www.johnsmith.com. Your personal website ensures top positioning on Google, Yahoo! and Bing when visitors are searching for you online.

Dr. Leonardo connects your name with the most relevant patient education associated with your healthcare specialty. This gives your personal website authority with search engines, especially when your name is paired together with a health condition, treatment or procedure.

Five Minutes is All You Need!

Dr. Leonardo automatically builds your PROVIDER-Site instantly from information available from existing databases. You can customize your PROVIDER-Site like any other website, and expand your biographical information, customize your design theme, and more.

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Personal Websites for Medical Professionals

Build Your Personal Brand

Your experience, reputation and credentials are elements of goodwill which are directly associated with your name. Your name is your calling card – it is your ‘brand’.

On the Internet, your name and your brand are very important.

Take control of your brand and give visitors just what they are looking for. Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites help you establish credibility with patients, and even provides them with a convenient way to book appointments directly on your website, without ever having to visit a provider directory.

It's Your Website - Take It With You !

Your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site can follow you as a professional wherever you go. If you switch practices or hospital networks, simply change the appointment links and contact information to your new clinic.

PROVIDER-Site Ranks at the Top of Search Engines

SEO & Digital Marketing

As patient-oriented technologies continue to evolve, more patients turn to the Internet for answers regarding their health every day. Dr. Leonardo helps to improve the Internet presence of your practice through a variety of online marketing efforts including integrated search engine optimization tools and social media platform integration.

For practices interested in more competitive forms of digital marketing and reputation management, our Premier Partner may be the perfect solution.

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