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Reduce Referral Leakage by Engaging Patients FIRST with Your Own Personal Website

If you are like most healthcare providers, your patients are typically recommended to you by name. Your experience, reputation and credentials are elements of goodwill which are directly associated with your name. Your name is your calling card, it is your ‘brand’.

On the Internet, your name and your brand are very important.

Google, Yahoo! and Bing direct visitors searching for you by name to local hospital networks and directories such as Healthgrades, Vitals and others. Visitors use these sites to research your background and look for ratings and patient reviews about you. Since visitors generally don’t search beyond the first one or two online listings, they typically book their appointments based on what they initially find.

Patients looking at your profile on these directories often wind up booking their appointment – your appointment – with someone else because the directory ‘recommended’ that they compare you to various other providers.

When your patients go elsewhere, 'referral leakage' is the result.

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Provider-Site Examples

Provider Site Example

Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites Reduce Lost Referrals

A PROVIDER-Site by Dr. Leonardo is a fully-featured, customizable website registered at the domain for your name, i.e. Your name as the URL ensures top positioning on Google and Bing when visitors search for you by name, and your visitors will go there first.

Dr. Leonardo builds your PROVIDER-Site instantly from information available from existing databases. You can customize your PROVIDER-Site like any other website. Expand on your biographical information, update your office hours and insurance plans, edit the patient education content as you see fit, and more.

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Provider-Site Examples

Personal Medical Professional Website

It's Your Website - Take It With You!

Your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site can follow you as a professional wherever you go. If you switch practices or hospital networks, simply change the appointment links and contact information to your new clinic.

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Provider-Site Examples

90 Day Free TrialWe'll prove that a Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site will reduce lost referrals and result in more appointments by giving it to you FREE for 90 Days!

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○ Patient Education Content
○ Responsive Website Optimization
Behavior Analytic Reports

Take a NO RISK Test Drive

Try a PROVIDER-Site on a trial basis FREE for 90 Days. Dr. Leonardo will send you weekly Performance Analytics so you can gauge the effectiveness of your PROVIDER-Site.

After 90 days, you decide if you wish to continue with the website at a cost of $25 per month. There is no cost to try the service other than registration of your domain, i.e. on the web. Domain registrations average $15 per year and the domain is registered in your name. If you choose not to continue, we will credit you back the registration cost of the domain.

Find Your Provider-Site

Provider-Site Examples