How a PROVIDER-Site Works

Register a Domain Name

Your Name as Your Domain

If you’re like the majority of healthcare providers, patients are typically referred to you as a recommendation from another provider or from a fellow patient. Upon receiving your name as a referral, more than 75% of these patients then search online to learn more about you before they schedule an appointment.

They start by entering your name.  So it makes perfect sense to have your name as your website's domain.

Exact Match Domain Registration

Exact Match Domains

While there are many different components to search engine algorithms, the domain is often the first thing that Google and Bing attempt to match with a query.

The most effective way to index your PROVIDER-Site is to use your first and last name as part of the domain, and Dr. Leonardo has made the process of registering your name incredibly easy.

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Provider Website Example

Build Your Site & Claim Your Domain

Our Build & Claim function searches various databases for your name and then instantly builds your PROVIDER-Site from public information relating to your professional license as a healthcare provider. This automated process gives you a tremendous head-start in completing most of your PROVIDER-Site for you.

At the same time, Dr. Leonardo also queries the ICANN domain registry for your name as a .COM domain. If your name is currently available, Dr. Leonardo allows you to reserve your domain while you edit your new PROVIDER-Site.

Question: What if my name is already taken by someone else?

Not to worry. Your domain doesn’t need to end with the extension .COM. There are many different domain extensions -- .NET, .ORG, .US, even some professional extensions such as .DENTIST and .VET. Additionally, you can also include your professional title to the domain such as ‘FirstnameLastNameMD.com’ or dashes such as ‘Firstname-Lastname.com’ as well.

Medical Website Designs and Organic Search

Natural Language Processing / Voice Search

Why do Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites rank at the top of search engines? The answer is found within our extensive amount of clinical content.

Search has adapted to Natural Language Processing a.k.a. Voice Search — everyday language, as though a visitor is asking a question of someone (think of Siri® or Alexa®). Yet, a search engine's primary function is still to match a visitor’s search query to the most relevant website that is likely to answer the question.

Patients who are referred to you by name often already know why they need to see you, or they have been diagnosed by the referring provider. The purpose to their search is to research and vet you individually, so these types of natural language searches are quite common, especially with smartphones and personal assistant devices.

Comprehensive Medical Website Content

Content is Still King

Dr. Leonardo connects your personal and practice name with the patient education associated with your healthcare specialty. This gives your website an incredible level of authority with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, especially when your name is paired together with a health condition, insurance plan or hospital network:

Search Query: Can Ramin Rayhan DDS treat gingivitis?
Dr. Rayhan's PROVIDER-Site has multiple listings on the first page of search results!

Search Query: Does Dr. Priya Bansal accept Blue Cross Blue Shield?
Dr. Bansal's PROVIDER-Site appears at the very top of the first page of search results!

Personal websites also have psychological power with patients as they see these websites as being your ‘official website’.

Take Your Website with You

Taking It With You

Many professionals are concerned that their own name becomes associated with a healthcare network or facility, and that their patients might have difficulty finding them if they should leave for a new practice or go out on their own.

Your Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site can follow you wherever you go since it’s always connected to your name. You control where your online appointments go, the destination for your patient portal link and the accounts associated with your social media sites. After all, a PROVIDER-Site is your personal website.