About Dr. Leonardo Interactive Webservices

Dr. Leonardo Interactive Webservices CharacterThe All-In-One eHealth Platform for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Leonardo is the result of 20+ years of direct experience in designing, developing and managing websites for healthcare professionals. The platform's beginnings can be traced to its initial concept as a software tool to increase efficiencies in designing custom websites at MedNet Technologies, a company founded in 1999 by Jack Pellman (also the CEO and founder of Dr. Leonardo). After having built more than 3,500 healthcare websites in multiple countries, MedNet was acquired in 2015. Jack decided to retain Dr. Leonardo and its patient education materials, and further advance the application.

The Dr. Leonardo platform has been built to operate and manage tens of thousands of websites under multiple marketing labels. Its use is highly varied within healthcare – as a stand-alone retail product, and as an integrated component of other software products and services.

An early version of Dr. Leonardo received a LISA (Long Island Software Award) for innovative software design, and the application has been featured as a BEST of Long Island's Technologies showcase.