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Our Story

Jack Pellman, CEO

Jack Pellman

Founder & President - Dr. Leonardo Interactive Webservices, LLC

I got my start in technology in 1983 at the same time the IBM PC was first introduced. I was twenty-one years old and working with my father at his software company developing desktop applications for public accounting firms. My dad was the programmer, I wrote the software operating manuals and the promotional materials.

In 1998 our company was acquired by a division of Thomson Reuters Corporation. The acquiring company offered a position, but I had spent 15 years running a small business and didn’t see myself working for a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. I also had two youngsters at the time along with typical questions that new parents have concerning their children's health and wellness. The Internet held limited material on health conditions, and practically nothing could be found online about healthcare providers or practices.

I sensed an opportunity and founded MedNet Technologies (MedNet) in 1999 with my younger brother and began developing custom websites for physicians and dentists. I researched health conditions, treatments and procedures, and wrote the content used on client websites. Most days were spent selling new customers, with nights and weekends manually building each client website by hand.

By 2013 MedNet had grown to just under 60 employees and had built more than 3,500 websites for dental, medical and veterinary practices. We had become the largest company in our market. But I felt the development process was inefficient since it could sometimes take months to launch even a small website. So, I started leveraging our Patient Education Library (which by now contained thousands of topics) by integrating it with a relational software database within an automated website development process. This greatly increased efficiency and improved quality control: websites that once took weeks to publish were now completed in just hours.

The initiative would evolve into the DIY platform for Dr. Leonardo.

MedNet was acquired in 2015 by Advice Media, a digital marketing agency. I opted to retain Dr. Leonardo and the Patient Education Library. I believed that healthcare websites were no longer simply marketing vehicles, but were evolving into provider and patient gateways.

My old company was about patient acquisition. Dr. Leonardo is about patient retention, interaction and communication. And patient acquisition too.

Try it yourself, you'll be surprised how easy it is. And don't forget -- we're here to help too, with online chat support, telephone assistance, our We'll Do It For You service and our third-party Marketplace partners.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction.

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Jack Pellman has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, with more than half of that time in e-Health.

He is a past recipient of the Techonomic Award for Long Island and the Long Island Tech Exec Award. He has been profiled in Newsdaythe Long Island Business News (LIBN) and InnovateLI, is a recipient of the LIBN Achievement & Leadership Award for businesses and serves on the Board of Directors for the Long Island Software Technology Network (LISTnet). He is a member of The Medical Resource Group, and the Advisory Board of the Exit Planning Institute - Long Island Chapter.

Jack has also been retained as an expert witness in federal court on matters concerning copyrights, website and domain valuations.

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