What First Impression Does Your Website Give?

By   |  May 22, 2015

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated, and this is especially true when it comes to the Internet. You only have seconds to capture the attention of online users when they land on your website, so it is important to get your website design right. Your website does not mean only your homepage. Online visitors can land on any page of your site, so your entire site must be properly designed.

Website Design Tips

  • Contact information. Every page of your website should have your contact information. It can be located in the header, footer, or any other place depending on your design. If patients feel the need to clarify something when they are browsing through your site, they should find it easy to contact you. You should also have a “contact us” page and along with your contact details and include a map showing your location. You can also provide a contact form that can help interested visitors contact you.
  • Mobile-optimized site. A number of people access the internet with their mobile devices. Your site should load quickly and should be easy to navigate even from tablets and smartphones.
  • Content. Irrespective of which page your visitors land on, it must provide them appropriate information. If the page is your “service offerings” page, it should list all your services and provide links to each of them for more information. If the page is about a particular service (like a knee replacement procedure), it should give the visitor full information on that procedure as you perform it.
  • General design. In general, your site should be well-organized and easy to navigate through. Use easily readable fonts and a color scheme that is easy on the eyes. The use of relevant, copyrighted images is also advised.

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