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Health News For Your Dr. Leonardo Website

Daily health information from HealthDay feeds directly onto your Dr. Leonardo website to present the latest in health news topics for your patients and visitors: 15+ articles per day of 600-800 words covering 50 diseases and conditions, and tagged for over 900 medical terms.

HealthDay News provides fresh SEO information for search engines to further boost your website's rankings on such, Google, Bing and others!

HealthDay is the world’s largest syndicator of health news to Internet sites and a leading independent creator of evidence-based health content for consumers and physicians. More than 30 award-winning reporters and editors specializing in health and medical news create HealthDay Consumer News.

Now, your website will feature the same news, information and videos found on the most popular websites in the world: WebMD, CNBC, American Heart Association, U.S. News & World Report, Merck Manual, Pfizer - Clinical Trial Portal, and hospital websites throughout the United States.

* HealthDay News is an exclusive add-on to websites created using Dr. Leonardo®.

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Article Thumbnail: Knee Replacement & Sickle Cell

15+ FRESH News Articles Every Day!

HealthDay News is sourced from top medical journals, industry conferences, government reports and research released by leading medical centers and healthcare providers.

Provide your patients and visitors with the latest news and information that affects their health and wellness.

Article Thumbnail: Stress and the Digestive System

Allow Visitors to Search 12 Months of Archived Articles

HealthDay News is indexed and searchable. Your website's visitors have access to the past 12 months of health news -- more than 3,700 articles every year. Help your patients to research the latest news and improve their health.

Article Thumbnail: Best Exercises to Shed Pounds

Boost Your Rankings on Search and Enhance Your Online Authority

Content is still king when it comes to Search -- algorithms used by Google and Bing value fresh content. Websites that feature well written, factual and relevant information are typically well-rewarded when it comes to ranking positions.

HealthDay News engages visitors and builds immediate authority with prospective patients and search engines.

Article Thumbnail: What to Know About High Blood Pressure

Increase Repeat Traffic to Your Website

Patients prefer to return to websites that they are familiar with and organization they trust. Fresh news-feeds from HealthDay (15+ NEW stories every day) will bring your patients back to your website again and again -- even daily!

Article Thumbnail: Sciatica

Stimulate Sharing on Social Media

Encouraging social media audiences to interact requires content to be relevant, interesting, factual, news-worthy and emotive to trigger a reaction.

HealthDay News stories are structured to encourage social sharing. Headlines ask questions to elicit click-throughs, and using credible sources raises 'shareability' because social media users knows the stories they share with others are factually correct. Relevant images are paired with stories so your website content stands out.

Article Thumbnail: Tooth Abscess

Educational Content Drives Better Outcomes for Your Patients

When it comes to encouraging engagement and influencing a change in patient behaviors, there is no substitute for quality content.