Factors to Keep in Mind While Picking Your Website's Layout

By   |  May 27, 2015

Your website is, essentially, a marketing tool for your medical practice. It should convey its purpose clearly and must provide all the information that visitors to your site seek. Therefore, the layout that you choose for your website should enable you to accomplish this.

Choosing a Website Layout

The following factors have to be kept in mind while choosing a layout for your practice:

    • Navigation: Anyone who visits your website, no matter which page they land on, should be able to get an overview of the website and should be able to move from page to page without any difficulty. The layout should allow you to install one or more navigational aids on every page. A prominently visible menu bar is a necessity. In addition, side menus for visiting related pages will also be helpful, and you should include a contact us link in your menu.
    • Content Layout: You may want to include an image in the header of every page or as the background of every page. You may want your home page to have a different style when compared to your sub-pages. But, consistency in subpage styles, at least those on the same hierarchical level, is important. You can find and use different templates based on how you want you site to look. Decide if you want a grid layout for your sub-pages. You may want to divide your pages into two vertical columns: one showing a side menu and the other showing content. You can choose between a liquid layout and a fixed-width layout. Your layout should allow you to list your contact information in the footer of every page. It should let you provide links to your social media accounts from any page of your site. Your template should also ensure that each page will have a title.

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