Effective Web Design - Four Tips for Building an Impressive Website

By   |  June 3, 2015

When you are developing a website for your professional medical practice, you want to ensure that it looks up to date and in sync with the existing web design trends. You want to avoid having a redundant web design layout. The medical profession is a dignified line of work which requires the doctor to earn the trust of the patients. A website plays an important role in communicating your credibility to potential patients.

A website for your clinic or medical services does not have to be a space to boast about your expertise. Subtle yet clear communication about your credentials and experience is the way to earn trust and build an honest relationship with your audience.

Tips for Creating an Impressive Website

Below are 4 effective ways to design an impressive website for your medical practice:

  • Keep it Clean: As mentioned earlier, the medical line of work requires you to have a sober approach to the designing. Avoid the clutter of promotions, banner ads, pop-ups, badges and buttons. These will distract the patients from paying attention to the important information displayed on the website.
  • Authentic Information: For or doctor or medical practitioner, the "About Me" section is perhaps of the most important pages on the website. Devote time to making this content appear impressive and authentic. Ensure that you communicate your credentials and experience as clearly as possible.
  • Display Patient Testimonials: What makes people consult a specific doctor? More often than not it is word of mouth. Get patients to write reviews about their experience of getting treated at your clinic or medical facility.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Research suggests that the movement of the eyes is from top to bottom and from left to right. So? This means if you have a "Sign Up" button and wish to make the most of it, place it on the top-left hand side corner of the website to get maximum clicks!

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