SEO Practices to Improve Your Organic Search Results

By   |  May 20, 2015

It's no secret that a growing number of people rely on the internet to help them in their daily activities. This includes searching for  doctors who can treat their illnesses and are located close to the patient's home or place of work. Doctors should, as a result, work to ensure that their website turns up at the top of local search results. Apart from greater visibility, turning up at the top of the search result page also tells patients that such doctors are trustworthy (because Google or Bing or Yahoo has put them on top). To accomplish this, there are certain SEO practices that you need to implement.

Search Engine Optimization Practices

  • Google+ local business page: When a user searches for a business, Google devotes one section of its search results to local businesses. The businesses may be close to the place from where the user is searching. If the user has entered a particular location, then Google shows relevant businesses closest to that location. This information is taken not from the websites of those businesses, but from their Google+ Local pages. Along with Google+ Local page, you should also list your medical practice on relevant online directories.
  • Title tags: Your website's pages, particularly your homepage, must have title tags that provide information on the services that you offer and your geographical area. It also lets Google know, when it crawls through your website, that your medical practice is relevant to the search query and your site stands a better chance of ranking higher up than otherwise.
  • Patient reviews online: Having good online reviews is important to obtain top local rankings. You should ask your patients to leave reviews. The process of reviewing should be made easy. Provide links on your website and/or tell your patients where to review (the online directories).

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