The Benefits of an Easy-to-Use, Engaging Medical Website

By   |  May 29, 2015

Your website talks about your medical practice. It tells visitors what you do and what you know. It is a means to build trust between you and (potential) patients. Your website should be designed, therefore, keeping in mind that it can generate business as easily as it can lose it and that the only way to not lose business is to give the users what they seek.

Importance of a User-Friendly and Engaging Website

  • The purpose of your site is to draw in more patients. While the site is a means to promote your medical practice, it only works that way if your users stay on your site. If your website is not user-friendly or if it does not provide content that can keep the user engaged, then your medical practice will have lost a potential patient. Therefore, your site should provide a good user experience and should also provide information that the reader finds relevant. And, remember, the site is designed to be used by the user. Therefore, their preferences matter more than anything else.
  • Happy users make for better search rankings. Stuffing your website with keywords will no longer take you to the top of search engine results pages. Not that keywords are not important, it is just that search engines like Google take into consideration user experience too while determining your search rank. User experience involves two things: the extent of user friendliness of your website, and the relevance of content. If either of them are neglected, then your rankings will go down and your online presence will decrease and this may affect your practice too. And, users implicitly trust search engine rankings.
  • A satisfied user may talk about your site. If your site's visitor is happy, then he/she may speak about it and recommend it to their social network. This works akin to word of mouth marketing. It can increase your site's traffic, which also plays an important role in search rankings.

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