SEO Tips to Improve Your Organic Search Results on Google

By   |  May 13, 2022

It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming when thousands of search results display on Google for broad search terms. However, there are various techniques you can implement that signal to Google that yours is a professional and authoritative website that deserves top ranking!

Responsive Medical Websites

  • Google My Business (GMB) Profile & 'Map Pack'

    Google lists local search results using the current physical location of the device used when performing a search. Results are presented in a 'Map Pack' where businesses listed on Google My Business (GMB) are pinned as locations on Google's map.
    The only way to get listed within this incredibly important 'Map Pack' is to have an up-to-date GMB Profile. An informative GMB Profile helps you control your local listing and allows visitors to quickly view your practice address, office hours, insurance plans, appointment link and phone number -- and access your website!

  • Google Reviews

    Reviews are a significant influence on patient perspectives of you and your practice. No surprise (!) that Google tends to prefer its own reviews over others found on provider directories. In general, the more positive Google Reviews you have, the better Google tends to rank you.
    Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites display your 3-Star+ Google Reviews directly on the home page of your personal website. Patients are encouraged to add their own reviews via a pop-up modal that feeds directly to your GMB listing. An exclusive feature of PROVIDER-Sites!

  • Title Tags

    Descriptive Title Tags on webpages are crucial components to successful positioning, and Dr. Leonardo's platform was created with this in mind. Our unique, automated SEO functionality combines your name with patient education titles to promote clinical authority for you on Google.
    You can further customize search engine settings for individual pages by editing page titles, descriptions, H-tags, image-tags, keywords and related text within all pages of your Dr. Leonardo website, including patient education content.

These techniques will help improve where your rank on Google and other search engines. And, the higher you rank, the more your practice and website will be seen and visited by both existing and prospective patients.

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