Why Reviews For Healthcare Providers Are So Important

By   |  August 13, 2021

Patients can easily research any healthcare provider when choosing their doctor. What will make you stand out?

Positive Verifiable ReviewsA survey conducted in 2020 showed that 77% of patients use online reviews as a first step in selecting a new provider.

Upon receiving your name as a referral your new patient will search your name online with a primary intention of considering ratings and reviews from other patients who have already been to your office. Experiences related by your other patients provide insight into the forthcoming provider-patient relationship. Patients put a considerable amount of weight and trust into them.

Positive and negative reviews can both be beneficial for your practice. Thanking patients for a positive reviews shows that you care and value patient opinions. Responding to negative reviews demonstrates that you take steps to resolve potential issues and improve your service levels.

Having recent and up-to-date reviews present on your website and on your Google My Business listing is critical.

Since reviews are so important, make it easy for your patients to leave them! Dr. Leonardo partners with multiple reputation management companies such as Ratings.MD, eEndorsements, EmpathIQ, Doctor.com and DemandForce.

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