Website Platform Features

  • Personal Profile Site Design
    Personal Profile-Site Design Icon

    Designs for Personal Websites

    Personal Professional Websites Controlled by Healthcare Providers

    Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites are designed to deliver the biographical information about you that patients are seeking when they search on the web, right on the Home Page.

  • Clinic Website Design
    Clinic Website Design Icon

    Designs for Practice Websites

    Design Themes for Every Healthcare Specialty

    Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Sites let you choose from more than 1,000 different website design layouts featuring high-resolution graphics and professional photography. Flexible design tools make it easy to change layouts, adjust images, and customize text to fit your needs.

  • Reviews, Ratings and Social Media
    Reviews, Ratings and Social Media Icon

    Patient Reviews | Social Media

    Ratings & Connectivity to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc

    Feature patient reviews and five-star ratings on your website from third-party integrations such as (our preferred partner), Google, Demandforce, and many others.

    Use the Social Media Widget to add social media icons to the sidebar of your website. Give your patients easy access to view your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn Accounts.

    Example: Michael Kelley DDS

  • Online Appointment Scheduling
    Online Appointment Scheduling Icon

    Online Appointment Scheduling

    Communicate with Patients Safely

    Your patients will love the ease and simplicity of scheduling appointments themselves at your website.

    Patient Information is sent securely to your dashboard using our HIPAA-Compliant SecureForms™ messaging system feature SSL encryption.

    Dr. Leonardo also allows for third-party appointment integrations such as (our preferred partner), Zocdoc, Demandforce, and many others.

    Example: Crescent Urology (Appointments by Zocdoc)

  • Virtual Telephone Number
    Virtual Telephone Number Icon

    Virtual Telephone Number (VTN)

    Stay Connected with Your Patients

    Use your Virtual Telephone Number (VTN) to forward calls to the Front Desk or Scheduling Center for your office. If you change your place of employment, simply redirect your VTN to forward calls to your new location, and stay connected with your patients.

  • Add-to-Contacts Feature
    Mobile Responsive Optimization Icon

    Add-to-Contacts Feature

    Right From Your Website to Your Patient's Smartphone

    Dr. Leonardo’s Add-to-Contacts feature allows patients to instantly download your professional information as a Contact on their smartphone.

    The voice-recognition feature of your patient’s phone will automatically access this telephone number whenever dialing.

  • Verify with Doximity
    Verify with Doximity Icon

    Verify with Doximity®

    Create Your PROVIDER-Site Using Your Doximity® Profile

    Dr. Leonardo will access and store the following Doximity Profile Data about you:

    • Full Name – First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name
    • Professional Credentials, i.e. MD, DO, etc.
    • Profile Photo
    • Main Office Address & Office Phone
    • And More!

  • Comprehensive Clinical Content
    Patient Education Icon

    Patient Education Content

    8,800+ Unique Topics to Choose From – All Completely Editable

    Patients come to your website with questions about their care. Educate them with quality information. The Dr. Leonardo Library of healthcare content will help you fill your website with information your patients will enjoy reading.

  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization
    Integrated Search Engine Optimization Icon

    Integrated Search Engine Optimization

    Adjust Your SEO Settings For Better Visibility

    All Dr. Leonardo websites have built-in automated SEO functionality so patients will be able to find you by individual name and by practice name on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

    You can further customize your search engine settings for individual pages by editing page titles and descriptions, H-tags, image-tags, keywords and all written content including patient education pages.

  • Patient Portal Integration
    Patient Portal Integration Icon

    Patient Portal Integration

    Embed Your Portal Into Your Website

    Put your patient portal where it can't be missed - on your website!

    Now that your practice has made the switch to electronic medical records, your website is more important than ever. Providing access to your patient portal has never been easier, and your patients will appreciate the seamless experience as they access their portal directly from your website.

  • Mobile Responsive Optimization
    Mobile Responsive Optimization Icon

    Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone Compatible

    Optimized for Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones

    With most patients accessing the Internet using smartphones, your website will be able to keep up.

    With responsive mobile-optimized designs and one-touch navigation, Dr. Leonardo websites are easy to use and give you the ability to stay compatible with the latest technology.

  • Website Performance and Behavior Analytics
    Website Performance and Behavior Analytics Icon

    Website Performance Analytics

    Tracks Patient Visits & Behavior

    Dr. Leonardo features analytic reporting on visits to your website, which pages were viewed, and how your site is indexed throughout the web.

    • New & Returning Visitors
    • Appointment Requests
    • Daily Page Views – Weekly & Since Publication
    • Visitor Behavior – Weekly

  • HIPAA Compliant Secure Network
    HIPAA Compliant Secure Network Icon


    Your Website is Protected Within a Secure Network

    Healthcare practices are required to provide HIPAA-compliant security when communicating electronically with their patients and other providers.

    With Dr. Leonardo, you can feel confident knowing that your website, its content, and any patient communications are fully protected and secure.


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