The Incredible Value of Google Reviews

By   |  March 18, 2022

Positive patient reviews for healthcare providers are critical aspects of your professional reputation. A 2021 survey found that 81% of patients consider online reviews when selecting their healthcare providers*. Patient feedback, personal experience, star ratings, and the total number of reviews are all important criteria to patients when researching and choosing a provider.

Perhaps more than any other source, Google Reviews, found on a Google My Business (GMB) listings, are the most influential. Reviews on GMB build credibility for you as a healthcare provider and serve to rank you higher on search results.


Encourage Patients to Review You on Google!

Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites automatically feature the five most recent 3+ Star Google Reviews right on your Home page. Whenever new reviews are posted, your PROVIDER-Site is instantly updated. Reviews and Star Ratings display only the first name and initial of reviewers for patient privacy.

Patients are encouraged to leave reviews directly from your PROVIDER-Site by clicking 'Share Your Experience - Write a Review'. Patients are automatically connected to the review window on your GMB listing. The more reviews you receive, the better the rankings. Only reviews with 3 Stars or above appear on your PROVIDER-Site.

Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites always rank at the very top of results on name searches, so you always have your best ratings and reviews for patients to see.

* RepuGen

A Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site Automatically Features Google Reviews & Reviews From Other Reputation Management Services


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