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Partners & Affiliated Companies

Dr. Leonardo works with these highly respected companies to provide a powerful and secure Internet Presence Management System:

  • ClearDATA Networks
  • A.D.A.M. Images
  • Getty Images®
  • Thinkstock®
  • iStockphoto®

Dr. Leonardo utilizes the hosting resources of HealthDATA, a HIPAA-compliant Cloud Computing Platform powered by ClearDATA Networks - the most secure hosting platform available in the healthcare market.

HealthDATA is the most secure, HIPAA-compliant hosting platform available and is used by hospitals, EHR software providers and other healthcare companies.
ClearDATA Networks is the leading cloud-hosting expert in the healthcare industry, and maintains the highest standards for HIPAA compliance and information security.




Dr. Leonardo licenses illustrations from A.D.A.M. Images, which has one of the world's largest libraries of highly detailed and accurate illustrations for the medical and dental fields. Anatomically correct and award-winning A.D.A.M. illustrations are widely used by educational publishers, academic professionals, government websites, professional journals, hospitals and healthcare professionals.

The comprehensive library of A.D.A.M. images is used to visually explain complex subjects, and identify anatomical structures in the human body. All A.D.A.M. images are created by professional illustrators, and have been reviewed for accuracy.


Dr. Leonardo licenses an extensive library of premium high-resolution photography from Getty Images. As a leading creator and distributor of imagery, Getty Images and its affiliates, Thinkstock and iStock, are the world's best and broadest collections of imagery used by news media and advertising agencies everywhere.

From multi-million-dollar advertisers to leading newspapers to feature-film and television producers to bloggers of all kinds - for premium digital content, the world's most influential media look to Getty Images.