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Revenue Cycle Management

Docsbackoffice is a medical claims and revenue management company that can help you with all of your medical billing needs, from entering and transmitting claims, claim follow-up and posting payments. Docsbackoffice can assist you even if you prefer full control of your billing but are just looking for assistance in calling open claims, and getting them paid and posted.

Revenue Management

Practicing physicians are being squeezed from both ends of the economic scale, lower reimbursements for seeing patients and growing expenses for maintaining the office and staff. Adding to this conundrum is the fact that patients are becoming increasingly responsible for higher deductibles and co-payments. For the average physician this simply means less profitability and less take home compensation.

Practices are now recognizing the benefit of having a professional dedicated team whose focus is on increasing the rate of collections at the office.  Managing the Revenue Cycle is becoming the answer for small and large physician practices alike.

Revenue Management allows the office staff to focus on the patient tasks which support the office and increase collections such as:

  • Scheduling Patients
  • Patient Insurance Eligibility
  • Collecting Patient Co-Pays and Deductibles

Your office continues to use your current Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System. Docsbackoffice staff will learn your system and all patient data is kept in your system and remains fully HIPAA compliant.

Docsbackoffice supports your staff by contacting your patient’s insurance company when your claim is denied. We work closely with your staff to get the claim corrected and have limited access to your Electronic Medical Records and sensitive patient information. We do all the accounts receivable calls resulting in faster payments of questionable claims. You will still be in full control of your billing. Docsbackoffice becomes an extension of your current billing operations by providing the direct collections. All payments will continue to go directly to your office.

In addition, you have the option of Docsbackoffice to assume responsibility for scrubbing and transmitting the claims to your clearinghouse, sending out patient statements and providing your patients with a call center and toll free number for all their billing questions.

We ensure that you will have a clean and continuous billing cycle that will allow for you to receive revenue in an efficient and predictable manner. V fees will be significantly lower than the cost of a full-time staff member. Our focus will be only on your collections and getting your claims paid.

Full-Service Medical Billing

Whether you have decided to change your current billing company or are transitioning your billing from an internal office function to an outside billing company, we can be your answer to your future billing needs. Docsbackoffice will adapt to your existing practice management system (PMS) or guide you in the selection of a new PMS that will benefit your practice. Our experience staff will be able to take over all of your billing operations including:

  • Entering Patient Demographics & Insurance Information
  • Entering Claim Information Based on Your Encounters
  • Submitting & Scrubbing Claims Through the Clearinghouse
  • Posting Payments & Correcting Denied Claims
  • Calling On Open Claims with Insurance Companies
  • Sending Patient Statements & Answering Patient Calls
  • Reviewing Reports with Physicians & Staff

You and your staff will benefit from our services by having the support of trained billers on hand allowing you to dedicate your time more efficiently to clinical matters and patient care. We can increase your revenue resulting in more compensation.  We can also host your programs on our secure server which would enable you to save on technology costs.

Choosing the correct billing company is as important as choosing the correct staff members. Docsbackoffice will be with you every step of the way, allowing you to concentrate on other physician matters while still having the confidence that your billing and collections is being done correctly and efficiently.