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Symptom Checker

Solutions for Practices

The Self Care Decisions symptom checker supports your patients (and parents) to determine how sick they are (or their child is) and decide on the best action, based upon current symptoms. The care advice helps them learn skills to manage minor illness and injuries at home, when appropriate.

The content is evidence-based, written by Dr. Barton Schmitt of telephone triage fame.

From the first sign of illness or injury, SelfCare Symptom Checker directs patient flow to your:

  • Scheduling options: online, in-portal, or contact center
  • Facilities: practices, walk-in clinics, urgent cares, emergency departments
  • Services: telemedicine / video visits


SelfCare Decisions - Example

Key Benefits for Your Practice

  • Off loads calls from your nurses and receptionists. Reduces after-hours call volume. Helps your staff survive the demands of flu-season and other seasonal illness spikes.
  • Directs appropriate patients to call for an appointment or schedule online.
  • Creates loyalty! Patients and parents value this tool you are providing.
  • Attracts patients who prefer self-service.
  • Quick and Easy! The website iFrame takes only 30 minutes to customize and install.
  • Supplies evidence-based decision support vs. simply ‘Googling’ symptoms.
  • Establishes Your Practice as the trusted source for healthcare advice.

Key Benefits for Your Patients (and Parents)

  • Provides help with healthcare decisions, especially after hours and on weekends
  • Directs appropriate actions: if, and when, they need to call their doctor or schedule an appointment
  • Builds self-care skills
  • Offers symptom relief for minor injuries and illnesses


1-2 Providers

$250 Annually for the first 1-2 providers.

Providers are defined as any of the following who sees their own patients:

  • Physician
  • Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP)
  • Physician’s Assistant (PA)

Each named individual counts as one Provider, regardless of his or her full-time or part-time status.

3+ Providers

$100 Annually Per Provider for 3 or more providers.

  • 3 Providers = $300 per year
  • 4 Providers = $400 per year
  • Etc.

Spanish Language Edition

  • 35% Additional Surcharge -- all providers