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HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine Services

Hopdoc’s secure telemedicine system is accessible on any device with a browser: phone, tablet or computer. The free, web-based platform is designed to offer simplicity and flexibility, which allows practices in need to quickly integrate telemedicine into the daily office workflow.

Easy-to-use for large and small offices, urgent care clinics, and mental health providers, Hopdoc is committed to providing a top-notch, mobile, virtual healthcare platform that links doctors and their patients with the touch of a button.

Telemed built for the health of your patients and your practice

Patients are best served by the trusted doctors who know them best. Technologies such as telemedicine should be available to all and serve to strengthen this connection. Giving doctors the tools they need to keep their patients and their practice healthy is quickly becoming more and more essential to ensuring the vitality of our healthcare system.