Website Tips for Your Medical Practice

By   |  April 21, 2014

Building a site for your medical practice is the first step to creating your practice's online presence. Once it's up, however, it's important to keep updating the site in order to manage how your practice is viewed online and to better communicate with current and potential patients.

Here are four tips for creating and maintaining your medical site:

  1. Streamline your design. Make sure that your new site's design matches your practice's current branding. Incorporate your logo and colors into the site's layout especially on the homepage. Having a site that's in line with your office's established colors helps make your practice look more consistent, sophisticated and professional. Dr. Leonardo offers dozens of different website designs for each healthcare specialty, with colorful, eye-catching layouts, high-resolution graphics and professional photography.
  2. Post news and updates. Once you're built your site using Dr. Leonardo, you'll always have the option to create additional pages in the future. To help maintain your online presence and keep patients informed, you can add a page featuring current news about the practice or other updates, such as currently running promotions and specials. Regularly updating your site will also boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since search engines such as Google and Bing make sites that are frequently updated rank higher than others.
  3. Inform the patient. Online patient education resources are becoming increasingly common among medical practices. That's because many people are now turning to the Web to learn more about specific conditions and their symptoms. By providing patient education information on your site, you will attract more traffic and also make potential patients aware of what conditions you treat and what treatments you offer. To help you inform your patients, Dr. Leonardo offers an extensive library of clear, well-written, professional and accurate content with thousands of healthcare topics to choose from.
  4. List your services and insurance. When checking out a practice, potential patients most often wants to know all of the services you provide, and whether you will accept their insurance plan. Make sure that all of this information is readily available and easy to find on your site. Also list what forms of payment your office accepts, so that patients are aware of their financial options.

Does Your Healthcare Practice Need a Website?

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