How a Personal Profile-Site Contributes to Positive Reputation Management

By   |  December 7, 2017

"An' I Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation"  © Joan Jett

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to see Billy Joel in concert at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Among the many songs he played was Only the Good Die Young, a line of which alludes to a potential problem to one's 'reputation'. Billy Joel also had Joan Jett as a guest performer that evening as well. Bad Reputation is one of the songs Joan Jett is best known for, having written it in 1981.

Seeing both Billy Joel and Joan Jett perform those songs made me think back to when I was growing up and hearing my parents tout that a good reputation (in all ways!) was something to be cultivated. And while Joan Jett might not mind a bad 'rep' as a rock-n-roller, healthcare providers do not have that same luxury.

A successful career as a healthcare provider is built on the shoulders of a positive reputation, both for clinical outcomes and interactions with patients. The Internet can have a profound effect on whether your career is enhanced by a positive online review, or is dashed because of an upset patient.

When patients are given your name as a referral, more than 75% of them go to the Internet to research your professional background and look for ratings and patient reviews. Unless you have your own personal Profile-Site, expect GoogleYahoo! and Bing to direct visitors to directories such as HealthgradesVitals US News & World Report, WebMD and others. And since visitors generally don’t search beyond the first one or two online listings, they will book their appointments based on what they initially find.

PROVIDER-Sites by Dr. Leonardo®

PROVIDER-Site by Dr. Leonardo is a fully-featured, customizable profile-site registered at the domain for your name, i.e. www.johnsmith.com. Your name as the URL ensures top positioning on search results when visitors type your name. Visitors go there first. A PROVIDER-Site is created instantly using information available from existing databases. You can customize your PROVIDER-Site, expand on your biographical information, update your office hours and insurance plans, edit Patient Education content as you see fit, and more.

Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites feature online Appointment Scheduling, an Add-to-Contacts function which downloads your important contact information directly into patient's cellphone, Patient Behavior Analytics, and a whole lot more.

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