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Online Scheduling

Patients Prefer Online Appointment Scheduling

Patients Prefer Online Scheduling

There’s no denying that your patients increasingly prefer to self-schedule appointments online. Studies show that a majority of patients would like to do it themselves, and that a third of self-scheduled appointments would be scheduled after normal office hours.

2019 Forecasts*

  • 64% - Percentage of patients using online scheduling
  • 66% - Percentage of healthcare providers offering online appointments
  • 986 Million appointments will be made online

* Source - Accenture

Online Scheduling with Dr. Leonardo Appointments

Providers Prefer Dr. Leonardo Appointments

Online appointments will also save you money since the process is performed by the patient and only requires confirmation from your scheduling coordinator or front desk. Patient information is sent securely to your Dr. Leonardo Console Dashboard using our HIPAA-compliant SecureForms™ messaging system with SSL encryption.

Scheduling an appointment using Dr. Leonardo is simple, fast and convenient for your patients. By design, it only requires a minimum of information and steps.

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Third Party Scheduling Integration

Third-Party Scheduling & EHR Patient Portals

Dr. Leonardo also supports various third-party scheduling products:

  • (Preferred Provider)
  • ZocDoc
  • DemandForce
  • MyPatientScheduler
  • AppointmentPlus
  • Others

EHR Products

EHR products generally route appointment scheduling through their Patient Portals. Dr. Leonardo supports integration with most patient portal products including Greenway Health and Amazing Charts, our two preferred partners.