What Do I Need for My Medical Website?

By   |  September 19, 2014

Since different online marketing strategies work for different doctors, there is really no "wrong" way of reaching your target patients through the web. However, one thing is clear: your practice needs a quality website that truly reflects you as a doctor, and the overall goals of your practice.

So, what exactly do you need for your medical website? There are several key elements which will help you present you, as a doctor, and your practice to both current and potential patients.

  • Your medical website must be user-friendly. Today, patients rely on the internet for everything- including looking for a new doctor! Your website must not only be easily accessible to patients through search engines- it must also be easy for patients to navigate! If your website is poorly designed, outdated, or contains only the most basic information and not enough detail, the site will be lost somewhere in cyberspace. Patients want to find a website that stands out from others- why shouldn't your practice be the one that stands out? Choose a website design that suits your practice and stands out from the pack!
  • Your medical website needs information that will appeal to patients. Your website should always include information about your practice, from the services you provide to your business hours. Also be sure to include information that will attract new patients. For example, if you are a plastic surgeon looking to promote a specialty on BOTOX® injections, make sure you include information on the promotion! Also, be certain that your practice's contact information is clearly visible to patients.
  • Your medical website needs informative content. In addition to providing basic contact information on your practice, be sure to post information that informs your patients of any advances in treatment, or in the medical field as a whole. Your medical website can also feature useful links to medical articles that are either relevant to your field or to the health care industry in general. Videos, and fun facts will further flesh our your website and make it more interesting and appealing. Posting detailed information on what procedures and services you offer will also help attract a greater number of visitors! Be sure your website is always up-to-date!

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