Managing Your Mobile Site

By   |  May 5, 2014

With more and more people preferring to view websites on their phones and devices such as tablets, it's vital to have a site that is mobile-friendly.

Many online users get their content on the go whether it's checking the address, phone numbers or office hours of a business sometimes even looking this information up as they're on the way to that practice's office. Make sure that your site accommodates the needs of these busy visitors.

When you create a site using the Dr. Leonardo web builder, your site is automatically mobile device ready. However, although every site created using Dr. Leonardo is viewable on an iPhone, Android or tablet, it does not have the added ease, speed and convenience of the Mobile Optimization Feature.

Adding the Dr. Leonardo Mobile Optimization Feature to your website will make your site load and respond even faster on smartphones and tablets. The Mobile Optimization Feature will determine each visitor's type of device and its operating system, and automatically reformat your entire website to suit their experience.

The Dr. Leonardo Mobile Optimization Feature ensures that pull-down menus are simple to navigate using just one hand, and that text is easy to read because it's optimized for viewing on the mobile device. With the Mobile Optimization Feature, there's no more pinching and expanding to access menu selections, buttons or links.

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