Image(s) is Everything

By   |  December 4, 2017

A number of years ago, the camera company, Canon USA, rolled out a series of television commercials for their new EOS Rebel SLR camera. The commercials featured a young Andre' Agassi -- a tennis superstar with a bad-boy reputation as a 'rebel', while at the top of his professional game. The ad campaign used the tag line Image is Everything, using  the homonym 'image' to tie together two separate meanings of the word to project photography and style. The commercials were highly successful for Canon, and are among some of the most memorable ads of the early '90's.

Image(s) are very important when designing web pages, and selecting the right images can be a challenge. You want to get your message across with something visually appealing, but the image needs to be relevant to the subject (note the photo of a 1991 Canon EOS Rebel Camera in this blog post).

When deciding on what images to put up, carefully consider where you get your photos from. To avoid facing copyright infringement claims and getting hit with fines or legal issues, do not use random photos that you find using an image search. Make sure you have the photographer's permission to use a photo, or use the Creative Commons search option to find usable, royalty-free commercial images on photo sharing sites. Even on that site, however, the photos uploaded and presented as royalty-free may not always be, as there is no guarantee that each user is being honest regarding who took the photo and who owns the image rights.

[The photo used on this page is an example of proper use of the Creative Commons where credit has been attributed to the photographer and owner of the image. While the preference would have been to use a photo of Andre' Agassi from the actual ad campaign, it is likely that Canon USA owns the exclusive rights to those images, so they would not be free to use.]

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