Benefits of Having a Mobile Website

By   |  September 24, 2014

The internet has changed greatly since its original inception, and technology has quickly changed along with it. Now, the internet has gone mobile, with many users carrying it with them wherever they go each day.

As the internet changes, so do the way websites are built. Today, having a website that is either optimized or created exclusively for a mobile device or tablet is essential for the success of any business or medical practice. While creating an effective mobile website may seem intimidating, the fact is that mobile websites have many advantages.

The Benefits of Having a Mobile Website:

  • Improved mobile SEO. The days of using the phone book to find a doctor are slowly coming to an end. Today, patients of all ages instead turn to search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, to find a doctor in their local area. Having a mobile website, or site optimized for mobile devices, will increase your chances of being found by mobile users on search engines. Best of all, having such a website increases the likelihood that you will rank well on a mobile search!
  • Improved user experience. Mobile web users are usually on the go when checking the internet on their phone. This means that you may only have a few moments to truly catch their eye! If your content and web design is already mobile or tablet-friendly, the website will be that much easier for the user to see quickly! A mobile website can more easily help you convert web visitors into patients!
  • Faster loading time. In the world of online marketing, speed is key. If your website takes too long to load, chances are patients will abandon it! A website that is not mobile, or optimized for a tablet or mobile phone, often takes much longer to load if it even loads at all! A mobile-ready site that is easy to navigate offers several advantages, including an overall faster response time for mobile web users.

There's a chance that many other medical practices in your area have already taken their website and content mobile. Don't risk falling behind! An informative, easy-to-use mobile website is exactly what your practice needs to draw attention to your practice! Learn more about our mobile options here.

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