5 Reasons Why Your Practice Needs a New Site Right Now

By   |  June 30, 2014

There are many advantages to creating a new site using the Dr. Leonardo Web Building tool. Don't feel tied down to your old, outdated site Dr. Leonardo even allows you to keep your current domain name!

Why You Should Get a New Website:

1) Keep Up with Technology

Does your practice's current site allow you to quickly and easily make changes to any page? With Dr. Leonardo's convenient content management system (CMS) editing feature, you can control the text and images on every page of your new site. You can also add as many pages to your site as you like, and incorporate photos, medical illustrations, links and video.

2) Make Your Website Accessible on Mobile Devices

Is your current website viewable on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and tablet devices? More and more patients are accessing the Web on their mobile devices while they are on the go. In fact, experts predict that the number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet will outnumber those using a desktop computer by as soon as 2015.

Making your site mobile-friendly will ensure that your site will show up in a clean and quickly loading format on current and potential clients' mobile devices. Dr. Leonardo's Mobile Option makes sure that your practice's site shows up on every mobile device and is easy to navigate, with links and drop-down menus specially designed to be easy to use on smartphones and tablets.

3) Make Your Site Look Great on Modern Monitors

Older websites were built with smaller desktop monitor sizes in mind. In recent years, desktop monitors have expanded, with greater screen resolution and bigger sizes becoming the norm. As screens have become wider, old websites that were created for smaller screens can look distorted or poorly formatted.

Every site made using the Dr. Leonardo webuilding tool automatically adapts and formats to fit each unique online user's screen size. Make your site look great on any screen size!

4) Update Your Online Presence

Your website not only plays a vital role in your online presence, but also influences how your present and potential patients view your practice. A practice with a freshly updated, beautiful and sleekly modern site makes a significantly better impression than an outdated site that was built years ago.

How would you prefer your practice to be viewed by your online visitors? Make sure that your website is in alignment with the image you're aiming to portray. Dr. Leonardo has dozens of colorful, eye-catching website designs for every specialty, click here to view which options suit your practice best!

5) Properly Inform Your Patients

Previously, websites mainly served as an online brochure of sorts. They were intended to provide some basic information to online visitors, such as a practice's contact information and directions to the office. Now, your practice's site can provide a much more in-depth experience to your site's visitors. Along with the standard contact information, you can include staff bios, photos and even video.

Dr. Leonardo also provides you with the option to add a secure EHR or EMR patient portal, as well as adding printable Point-of-Care patient education regarding the conditions you treat and the services you provide. You can also easily add your own downloadable forms.

Dr. Leonardo Lets You Build an Effective Websites for Your Healthcare Practice!

Create your own high quality, professional site in four incredibly easy steps using Dr. Leonardo, a convenient Internet Presence Management tool that also allows users to fill their practice's site with informative patient education and award-winning images. Click here to get started!