How To: Upload Patient Forms

By   |  December 1, 2014

Offering patients easy access to patient forms through your medical practice website can cut down on time spent in the waiting room, and can benefit patients as well as front desk staff. In a few easy steps, physicians can now upload patient forms to their medical practice websites hosted by Dr. Leonardo.

Why Should I Upload Patient Forms to my Medical Practice Website?

  • Patient forms that are downloaded and filled out before office visits can reduce time spent in waiting rooms
  • Forms are likely to be be completed accurately when patients can fill them out at their leisure
  • More convenient for staff when checking in patients
  • Helps improve health literacy among patients
  • Access to printable versions of patient education library articles

How Do I Upload Patient Forms to my Medical Practice Website with Dr. Leonardo?

Uploading patient forms to your own website can be completed in a few easy steps. To follow are step-by-step instructions for uploading patient forms to your medical practice website hosted by Dr. Leonardo.

  • Log in to your account
  • Edit my site
  • Select "Practice Profiles" from the left hand side of your screen
  • In the panel on the left hand side of your screen select "Office Forms & Docs," select "Begin"
  • Select "Upload"
  • Choose the file you want to upload
  • Click "Accept Terms & Upload"
  • Click "Save" to save this file to your site
  • Select the "Gear Box' and choose "add to page," we recommend adding patient forms to the "Office Policy" or "About Us" page of your website
  • When you are finished uploading your forms, select "Publish" to put these new important items live on your website

Do You Need a Website to Host Your Patient Forms? Dr. Leonardo Can Help Your Build Your Own Medical Practice Website.

Dr. Leonardo is a website builder designed for medical practices. In three easy steps, you can have your medical practice's website live on the Web. For more information on where to start, contact us.