Turn Staff Profiles Into Personal Sites with Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites™

By   |  July 15, 2022

Your clinical staff is a huge part of the success of your practice, so it is very important to place high emphasis on their profiles on your Dr. Leonardo practice website. Detailed bios and C.V. information helps to create a connection before patients even step foot into your office. Potential patients feel more comfortable when scheduling an appointment.


What if each of your staff members could have their own personal website where patients could learn more about them in greater detail?

At the same, provide additional channels for patients to find your practice or clinic...

And, provide Google Reviews front-and-center on their personal website with an invitation for additional reviews just a click away!

With Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites™, each clinician can have their own individual website offering more flexibility in presenting their information to patients all while still bringing patients to your practice. Patients have access to:

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Accepted Insurances
  • Conditions and Procedures treated by the provider
  • Online Reviews
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Board Certifications, Affiliations, Memberships

It can be difficult to get a true feel for a provider from just a short bio on a practice website. PROVIDER-Sites are more personal and allow patients to really get to know who they are seeing before they book their appointment.

PROVIDER-Sites take less than 5 minutes to create and boost your practice's online presence. The more websites you have that ultimately lead to patients walking through your office doors, the more traction you will gain on search engines.

Are You Considering Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Sites For Your Staff?

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