Prioritize Patient Reviews

By   |  November 11, 2022

It is not news that everyday patients are choosing healthcare providers based off of online reviews. A survey taken at the beginning of 2022 revealed that 72% of patients read online ratings and reviews when considering booking with a new healthcare provider. They also prefer choosing providers that have 4 or higher stars (2022 Healthcare Trends Report).

Good Reviews Encourage Out-of-Pocket Spending

Studies also show that patients are more inclined to choose an out-of-network provider based on good online reviews. Online reviews are just as important for in-network providers, but gives an opportunity to out-of-network providers to reach an audience they maybe wouldn't have by simply having good online reviews from various sources.

Patients Trust Online Reviews

Experiences that your patients have today can be the deciding factor for your patients tomorrow. Patients research and browse reviews, learning and trusting from others the quality of the provider and if it is worth their time and money to book an appointment.

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