Online Appointment Scheduling & Patient Portal Access

By   |  April 11, 2018

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Online Appointment Scheduling

It is estimated that by 2019, 64% of the U.S. population will schedule their medical appointments online, with almost one billion appointments booked this way each year [Accenture]. Expect two-thirds of your own patients to book their appointments on their own.

Online AppointmentMost appointments will be made through the use of a phone, which can often be clumsy to use to enter data. Keep it simple and get the basics needed to schedule the patient on your calendar: Name, telephone, email address, and appointment time. Detailed medical history and insurance questions can saved be for appointment confirmation notices by sending the patient a link to the appropriate place on your website to log in to your Patient Portal.

Dr. Leonardo's simple appointment interface collects:

  • Date, time and office location of the appointment
  • The patient's first and last name
  • Primary and mobile telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Preferred contact method (phone or email)
  • New or existing patient
  • Reason for visit

Your office is automatically notified of the appointment basics by email, with any Personal Health Information (PHI) being automatically encrypted using SecureForms™ on our HIPAA-compliant servers.

Patient Portal Access

Patient PortalSince patients often struggle to remember how to access the Patient Portal, the best place to find your Patient Portal is on your website. As a core component of Meaningful Use Standards, Patient Portals extend the functions that patients typically call about each day onto your website. This frees up time for your office staff and relieves congestion at the front desk. Additionally, referring healthcare providers can be given access so they can review your office’s EHR notes on joint patients.

Dr. Leonardo allows you to select from our list of more than 100 EHR systems to feature your Patient Portal with a short-cut from every page of your website.

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