Is Your Medical Practice Website HIPAA Compliant?

By   |  January 9, 2015

When it comes to medical practice websites, security is everything. Medical practices need to trust that their website is hosted on a secure server, where their patient's information will not be breached. ClearDATA is the only HIPAA compliant secure website host. Fortunately, all of Dr. Leonardo's sites are hosted with ClearDATA, thus putting any of our client's concerns at ease. HIPAA has clear guidelines as to what, where and when health information is considered protected. Online, security is the biggest concern. To follow is a look into why hosting your medical practice website with secure hosting through Dr. Leonardo and ClearDATA is the only option in HIPAA compliance.

Benefits of ClearDATA Hosting

  • Websites hosting patient portals or electronic health records (EHRs) are required to be hosted on a HIPAA-approved secure server
  • ClearDATA is the only secure network that is HIPAA compliant
  • ClearDATA preserves all content and patient communications in a secure way
  • ClearDATA is a cloud computing company with more than 310,000 healthcare professional clients
  • ClearDATA was  designed exclusively for the health care industry
  • ClearDATA is HITRUST certified, which is considered the gold standard in PHI security and HIPAA compliance
  • Advanced PHI security provides constant protection
  • All data on the medical practice website is encrypted, making a security breach impossible
  • In the event of technological malfunction, ClearDATA offers "Healthcare Critical" support 24 hours a day
  • Sites hosted with ClearDATA are guaranteed to be accessible at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Benefits of Hosting of Patient Portal Access with Dr. Leonardo

  • By hosting your patient portal on your Dr. Leonardo medical practice website, you are helping your practice mean Meaningful Use requirements
  • Because Dr. Leonardo is supported by ClearDATA, all EHR information is protected
  • Patients can become active participants in their health care
  • Dr. Leonardo's clients have access to thousands of articles in our patient information library
  • Your medical practice website can help improve health care literacy

Ready to Build a HIPAA Compliant Website? Dr. Leonardo Can Help.

Dr. Leonardo is a website builder designed for medical practices. In three easy steps, you can have your medical practice's website live on the Web. For more information on where to start, contact us.