Make an Impact with Your Logo

By   |  June 16, 2014

Does your practice have a logo? It may seem that selecting the right font colors and style for your practice's name is enough, but adding a logo to your practice's look goes a long way toward gaining recognition and establishing your reputation both at the office and online.

Adding a logo to your practice's website will create a strong aesthetic statement. A logo sums up your brand and makes it easy for current and prospective patients to recognize your practice.

Your logo can consist of a simple design that incorporates information about your specialty and follows a color scheme that matches your practice's chosen design. It can reflect your services, area of expertise or even simply be relevant to your field. Making sure that your logo is in line with the established look of your practice's colors and theme will keep your overall online presence uniform and neat.

When creating a new site using the Dr. Leonardo webuilder, you can easily upload your existing logo so that it will be prominently featured in the header section of each page on your site. You also have the option of using a pre-designed, professional and sleek logo specially created by the Dr. Leonardo design team to represent your specialty.

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