Keeping Your Medical Practice's Content and Communication Secure

By   |  April 21, 2014

When picking a website builder to create your practice's new website, one important aspect to consider is security. As a healthcare professional, you're fully aware of the paramount role that privacy and data protection play when it comes to your patients.

You want your site's medical information and patient communication portals to be safe. While other site builders focus primarily on hosting and design features, Dr. Leonardo is specifically created to accommodate the requirements and needs of medical practices.

Along with offering layouts tailored to your specific field and well-written, professional content that's applicable to more than 50 unique specialties in the medical, dentistry and veterinary fields, Dr. Leonardo offers the very best in HIPAA-compliant security.

Dr. Leonardo works with the leading cloud-computing expert in the healthcare market, ClearDATA Networks, to provide our clients with the greatest possible security and data protection. As the most secure healthcare hosting platform available, ClearDATA Networks is designed to meet the unique needs of medical professionals.

One of the features that a practice can choose to add on is the option to use SecureForms, which allows you to communicate with visitors using a Contact Form where visitors and patients can provide their contact information and a message. In accordance with HIPAA requirements, visitors will be able to indicate whether they prefer a traditional email as a response, or if secure communication is required.

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Does Your Healthcare Practice Need a Website?

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