Increasing Demand for EHR Access on Mobile Devices

By   |  October 27, 2014

Doctors and patients are reporting an increased demand for easy electronic health record (EHR) access from mobile devices. Physicians are often working off of tablet-friendly systems in office and hospital settings, and making the option available for patients is increasingly attractive. People are often accessing the Web for information from their mobile devices, so why not offer them access to their own health care records on-the-go?

Many EHR Systems Aren't Designed to be Attractive, Dr. Leonardo Can Fix That.

  • EHR systems often leave much to be desired when it comes to aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • They often appear baron, plain and straightforward. This is not generally what mobile-users are experiencing when they are accessing websites on-the-go.
  • By incorporating your EHR patient portal into your mobile-friendly website, you are increasing accessibility, therefore increasing the chances of having more patients engaging with your EHR system.
  • EHR systems often have confusing, lengthy URLs. By incorporating your EHR patient portal into a mobile-friendly site you can create on your own using Dr. Leonardo's unique and easy web builder, patients won't have to save a link to a URL that they can't ever remember. For example, www.drsmith.com is a lot easier to remember than a lengthy URL that doesn't mean anything.
  • EHR software developers are supporting the trend to mobile-friendly systems. By incorporating EHR access in your mobile-friendly website you will be at the cutting-edge of Web-based trends in the health care industry.

Interested in Building Your Own Mobile-Friendly Medical Practice Website? Dr. Leonardo Can Help.

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