Reaching Your Existing Patients Online

By   |  April 14, 2014

Although it's vital to continually attract new business to your practice, it's also important to not forget the patients you currently have. After all, these patients already know who you are and what your practice has to offer.

Plus, existing patients will likely tell others about the great experience they've had with you, which will help generate more business for your practice!

So, what are some of the best ways to market to your existing customers?

  1. Make your website a central part of your practice. Continually updating your website is a great way to keep patients coming back. Focus on making your website a good resource for patients; be sure to regularly post informative articles and information about anything new that is going on within your practice. One good way of keeping patients informed is by populating your site with educational content about the various conditions that your practice treats. This will help better communicate what your practice offers for both new and existing patients alike.
  2. Make your practice easy to find. When someone Googles your practice's name, is your site professional website one of the top search results? It's important that your practice's site is easy for current and potential patients to find online. A Dr. Leonardo website comes with basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) already built in to automatically index the name of your practice, your doctor's credentials and the location of your practice. So, under most circumstances, patients who have been referred to you should have no trouble finding you on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.
  3. Use email marketing. While email marketing is sometimes thought of as a lost art now, it remains the most affordable and effective marketing tool for reaching patients. Today, many people stay constantly connected to their email through the use of smartphones, and check their email several times a day. Emails can be easily tailored to reach a specific audience, and it is quick easy to track how many people open and read the emails sent out by a practice. Using email marketing, a doctor can send out a newsletter, as well as spread the word about any new services or special deals within their practice.

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