How To Choose The Best Images For Your Website

By   |  May 5, 2015

When a person arrives at any business website, chances are that the imagery and colors draw his/her attention. A good website has a perfect blend of color and images. Content placement is also done carefully so that the website displays the engaging text effectively. On the other hand, a jumbled website is quickly rejected.

The following tips will come in handy when you select images for your website.

  • Quality is important: Potential customers will log off if they view poorly reproduced and grainy photographs on a business website. Only high definition images must be selected, and you must make sure that their file size is small. A large image will result in distortion.
  • Be original: You can use stock photographs, but you should ideally should avoid the common ones. Using a relevant, high quality image can help in connecting with the website visitor. If you are willing to spend extra to get the best for your website, find a professional photographer and commission an image.
  • Try an emotional trigger image: Emotions frequently have a big say in a person's purchase process. An image must result in a favorable response to guide viewers so that they make a purchase. This is the reason many product companies display a satisfied customer in their advertisements.
  • Feature individuals who look like your target audience: If you are targeting teenagers, then you should use photos of teens using your products.
  • Select images that strengthen your brand: Every business is unique. The images selected for giving your brand a unique and distinct identity must be consistent with the overall feel of your products and services. To give an example, a feature of a spa should be accompanied by pictures of the spa experience.

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