Google Warnings Emphasize Need For Mobile Optimization

By   |  January 28, 2015

Within the last year, there have been a lot of speculation about Google releasing a new mobile ranking algorithm. These rumors now appear to be coming true, as Google has started to send out notifications to any webmasters whose web sites are not mobile friendly. These messages indicate the percentage of pages that contain mobile usability errors and also offer solutions on how to correct them.

These are clear signs from Google warning webmasters that their web sites will not rank well in mobile search if they are not mobile friendly. Although there is no certainty as to when exactly this algorithm will be implemented, it is important to take the proper steps if you do not want your website penalized by Google.

Benefits of Mobile Optimization

  • A mobile website will automatically adjust to the device and operating system being used. There will be no hassle on the users end to expand and view any buttons, links or menus.
  • Mobile friendly websites will load and respond much faster on smartphones compared to sites that are not mobile friendly. Users will not be forced to wait long, and they will not feel the need to hit the refresh button multiple times.
  • When viewed from any smartphone or tablet, mobile optimized sites will be much more aesthetically appealing than sites not optimized. This makes users more likely to return to your practice's site in the future, and to more importantly, recommend your practice to someone else.
  • Optimizing your site for mobile devices will prevent it from being punished with a low ranking. Google now indicates which sites are mobile friendly, making it easier and clearer for mobile users to choose the appropriate site that will not be troublesome to view.

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