Dr. Leonardo® Will Help You Avoid Duplicate Content

By   |  October 4, 2019

Medical BooksWriting medical content that is engaging, educational and easy for patients to understand often feels like a challenge to most healthcare professionals. This is especially true when writing is not your main area of expertise, or if you just don't have the time to sit down and write content. As a result, doctors often end up with content that is more or less identical on several pages of their website. This is referred to as "duplicate content."

You may think placing similar content on multiple web pages does not seem like a cause for concern, but duplicate content actually has a detrimental impact on how your website is displayed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. This innocent act significantly devalues your overall content, regardless of how well-written or informative it actually is.

Search engines, such as Bing or Google, will not send web users to websites or pages that spew all the same information. Instead, they search out web content that is unique, interesting and most importantly, original. Duplicate content will lead to search engines ignoring the site because the content is repetitious.

Dr. Leonardo's Patient Education Library consists of 8,800 conditions, treatments and procedures covering dentistry, medicine, physical medicine and animal health. All content is completely editable. With so many health topics to add to your website and the ability to customize any topic, you can easily avoid having duplicate content on your website. Best of all, Dr. Leonardo automatically combines each topic's page-title with your practice or provider name. Additionally, H-tags, keywords and cross-links are featured throughout all content. These important SEO features are also editable for even greater website exposure in competitive searches.

Publishing content has never been so easy and with Dr. Leonardo's help, you will see yourself ranking at the top!

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