DIY Website Builder: Dental Practice

By   |  November 26, 2014

Do-it-yourself website builders are beneficial to medical practices. Online web building software is not only an affordable option in comparison to hiring a private web designer, but the process takes significantly less time. Getting your own medical practice website live on the Web can take under an hour when you design it yourself. It's expected that heath care professionals may not have experience with building websites, but online web builders like Dr. Leonardo are user-friendly, and require little to no skill or web developing knowledge. To follow are some key components to include in a dental practice website.

Organized Main Menu

You don't have to worry about designing a main menu when you use DIY website building software, but you do need to fill your site with unique and relevant information. To follow are some important information dentists should include when building their own websites.

  • Meet the Dentist(s)
  • Contact Information
  • Patient Information, this is a great place to host your patient portal for easy access to electronic health records (EHR)
  • Accepted Insurances and Financing
  • Conditions Treated
  • Services Offered
  • Animated Procedures (helps improve health literacy among patients)
  • Latest News or Blog
  • Smile Gallery (before and after photos)
  • Latest Specials
  • Patient Reviews
  • Schedule an Appointment

Purposeful Visuals

  • Practice logo should be visible on each page of the website to establish brand continuity
  • All pages should include one photo or image that relates to the text on the page
  • General design rule of thumb is to include one image to every 500 words
  • Only use photos that you have either taken yourself, or are available to you in the image library for copyright purposes

Call to Action

  • A "call to action" directs site visitor's to the information that matters most
  • Want patients to schedule an appointment? Tell them in a call to action
  • Should be on each page throughout the site
  • Should read naturally and be appropriated to the page it's featured on
  • Example; "Schedule Your Annual Teeth Cleaning Today"

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