Content is King for Search Engine Optimization

By   |  December 15, 2014

Search engines use analytic software to determine how websites show up on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are certain measures website owners can take to improve their site's organic ranking on SERPs. This practice is known as search engine optimization (SEO). There are numerous tactics to increasing SEO, among the most important is content creation. Every time a new page of content is added to your medical practice website, it forces search engines to take another look at your site. The more familiar a search engine becomes with your site, the more authority it will have on the Web. Over time, this can help positively influence your search engine ranking. To follow is a closer look at what content can do for your website, as well as your patients.

Content is Currency on the Web

The more unique, informative and authoritative content a website has, the more valuable the site becomes to a search engine. Content serves as currency online, the more time spent investing in good content, the higher up a website will appear on a SERP. You can have the most beautiful medical practice website on the Web, but if you aren't driving site traffic, you likely have a low conversation rate. The main goal of a medical practice website, or the return on investment (ROI) is to turn website traffic into new patients.

Dr. Leonardo Hosts Good Content That Serves Patients and Improves Health Care Literacy

Dr. Leonardo's clients benefit from a content library featuring thousands of medical articles optimized for search engines. The content library is written in plain language that is easily understood by anyone. By hosting important health care information on your medical practice website, you are doing your part as a physician to increase health care literacy among your patients.

A well researched and informative content library can also benefit your patients while they're in office. When patients receive a new diagnosis, or after care instructions, it's important to supply patients with supplemental information. Articles from your content library may be printed for patients to reference, or you can send them to your website.

No Time to Write Your Own Content? Dr. Leonardo Can Do It For You.

Dr. Leonardo is a website builder designed for medical practices. In three easy steps, you can have your medical practice's website live on the Web. For more information on where to start, contact us.