Your PROVIDER-Site is More Persuasive Than Ever

By   |  July 18, 2019

Great content complements a website and is one of the most important parts of your online presence. But what qualifies as great content? Everyone knows the phrase 'quality over quantity,' but do you know how to achieve it?

Quality means making sure that the content being published on your PROVIDER-Site accomplishes its intended purpose and is both informative and medically accurate. In marketing, a call to action tactic provokes an immediate response. The same is true for your medical quality content which persuades your audience to engage with your personal website. To do so, it is important to provide your patients with knowledge, rather than pure information. There are three simple steps to achieve this level of understanding.

3 Ways to Create More Persuasive Content

  1. Don't miss the forest for the trees. Not everyone understands things the way that you do. After all, YOU are the doctor and they are the patients! Try not to get lost in the fact that you know exactly what you are trying to say because odds are, your prospective patients don't. It's important to provide context, along with your informational content. This way, your patients will understand how to put knowledge into action.
  2. Share the wealth of knowledge. Your patients need to know that you don't just know their problem, but that you know how to fix it as well. Show them that you know how to solve their trouble in a certain way, and the benefits of using such a way. This is the educational step which informs prospective patients before trying to pitch something at them.
  3. Contrast to change perception. Finally, you must alter the perspective of the patient by providing a contrast. People understand best when facts are compared relatively with other facts. To accomplish this final task, briefly mention another solution to the patient's problem, one that is competing but less attractive than your own. Then you must go into great detail about your own solution. Make your solution more inviting than the previous one.

Dr. Leonardo makes these steps as easy as possible. It gives you access on your PROVIDER-Site to an extensive library of clear, well-written and accurate healthcare information. The Dr. Leonardo Content Library contains carefully researched and continually updated topics on a wide variety of medical, dental and veterinary conditions, treatment options and surgical procedures. Your personal website has never looked so attractive!

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