5 Reasons Your Practice Should Consider Getting a New Site

By   |  April 28, 2014

Technology and the Internet change at lightning speed. With these advances come frequent changes in the way we build and design websites.

Is your website up to par with the latest technology? Here are five reasons your practice might want to consider a website redesign:

1) Your website does not take advantage of new coding techniques

Each year, web standards change drastically, and techniques to build websites become more advanced in order to comply those standards. New techniques available allow us to not only enhance the attractiveness of your website, but also enhance your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you build your site using Dr. Leonardo site, for example, it will come with basic SEO already built in. This will automatically index the name of your practice, your doctor's credentials and the location of your practice.

2) Your website is not suitable for the current most popular screen size and resolution

The rapid advancement of technology in recent years goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of your website. A few short years ago, most computer monitors were smaller and screen resolutions were much lower. Sites had to conform to those restrictions.

As screen resolutions of desktop and laptop computers keep growing, the options we have to design and create content for your website also grows. A bigger screen and higher resolutions allow us more room for content-rich information above the fold.

3) Your site isn't mobile-friendly

In addition to the growing screen size and resolution, another important advancement is the growth of the mobile web via smartphones and tablets. Analysts at eMarketer estimate that 73.4 percent of Internet users in 2013 accessed the Web from a mobile device.

Further research predicts that more people will access the web from mobile devices than computers by the year 2015. Modern coding techniques allow us to make sites more adaptable on every mobile device. Getting yourself a new, mobile-friendly site is a great idea if you want to increase the accessibility of your site to millions of mobile viewers.

4) The look and feel of your website is outdated

Just as we feel the need to revamp our wardrobe or to drive the latest car, a similar attitude should also apply to our websites. Your site says a lot about you and your practice. As a medical professional, you want to be seen as cutting-edge and up-to-date with the latest technologies and treatments.

If your website does not match up with the image you want to portray, a potential patient surfing the Web may decide to contact a different practice with a more updated site. Dr. Leonardo lets you to choose from dozens of different site designs for each healthcare specialty, each featuring high-resolution graphics, professional photography and the latest eye-catching design layouts.

5) Your site wasn't built with a specific goal in mind

When websites first became a necessary marketing tool for businesses, they served merely as an online brochure. Years ago, your typical website was strictly informative, with no set goal to accomplish. Now, most medical practices have specific goals for their site, including increasing their online presence and boosting their search engine rankings.

Whether your goal is to generate leads, educate your current and potential patients through informative content or to provide downloadable patient forms, Dr. Leonardo lets you easily and quickly design a new website to accomplish your practice's goals.

Does Your Healthcare Practice Need a Website?

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