Why You Should Have A Contact Form On Your Website

By   |  April 13, 2015

A call to action is effective only if a potential patient takes immediate action on your website. A secure contact form is the simplest and most effective way to assist patients in communicating with you immediately. Apart from encouraging quick action, there are five others reasons to use a contact form on your website.

Aesthetic And Strategic Benefits

Don't underestimate the business potential of a simple contact form. A thoughtfully created one can:

  • Enhance site aesthetics: Instead of interrupting the text and graphics on every page with your email address, you can create a contact form that looks neat and provides visitors a step-by-step way of reaching out to you. It removes clutter while enhancing the professional look and feel of your website.
  • Reduce spam: Email addresses are vulnerable to spam bots and may increase the amount of spam you receive. As a contact form is handled on the server-side, spammers cannot exploit it easily.
  • Make it easy for potential clients to contact you: A contact form saves time and effort, period. No need to copy-paste your email address to the preferred email client and then compose an email. It's so much easier to fill a form and submit it. It can also be inconvenient for potential patients who don't have a web-based email account and who're not accessing your site from their personal computer.
  • Control the information you want to receive: As a contact form specifies the information you would like from patients, you can capture exactly what you want. Besides controlling the subject line and the email address sent by them, you can store and organize all received emails in a database for easy and intelligent analytics.
  • Streamline the delivery of emails: Imagine that you have listed a dozen email addresses of different departments or specialists in your practice. You cannot expect all potential patients to go through and process so much information to identify the right provider. Some may email all the addresses they see or pick the one on top of the page. A contact form with a drop-down menu of your providers and specialists can make the correct email address for the unique patient requirement more accessible.

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