Website Speed Is Key

By   |  July 22, 2022

Have you established an online presence but still aren't seeing the website traffic and ROI of your online marketing efforts? The speed of your website may be the cause.

The Need for Speed

Even the most carefully crafted content and the most strategically placed SEO cannot combat with a slow website speed. The attention span of the average person browsing the Internet will not wait long, even for the most interesting of websites.

Not only is your audience intolerant of slow site speed, but search engines are as well. Google has continued to set the bar by creating tools that actually measure the download speed of websites and reward them with better search engine rankings. Site speed is also a contributing factor to bounce rate, conversion rates, page views and patient retention.

Prospective patients will be more receptive to every bit of information you provide for them if they can access it quickly. Clicking away happens in the blink of an eye, so every second of website speed really does matter. The easier you make things for your audience, the greater your chances of conversion and retention of patients and clients.

What to Do?

It's important to always keep checking on your website's speed and efficiency, in addition to making improvements when necessary. However, here is a quick list of things that most commonly contribute to slow website speed.

  • Widget/plugin overload
  • Incompatible browsers, plugins and apps
  • Lots of ads
  • Bulky code
  • Design theme
  • External embedded media

Luckily, Dr. Leonardo websites are designed with website speed in mind. Our website builder creates websites that are simple and efficient and are not overpacked with unnecessary features that will cause any slowness in the website's speed. With a Dr. Leonardo website, your patients will always be able to easily access the pages on your website and Google will reward you by ranking your website high on search engines!

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