Unlimited Pages for Your Medical Practice Website

By   |  January 15, 2015

Many online website builders lock clients into a certain amount of pages. This causes two different issues for many clients. One issue is, if too many pages are purchased, the site appears bare or incomplete. The second, and opposite issue is when pages are restricted, clients are limited to what information they can include in their site, too much information on too few pages can make sites appear cluttered. Dr. Leonardo's website builder does not restrict the amount of pages our clients can have on their website. Website owners can add new content to their site as often as they wish.

Benefits of Unlimited Pages for Your Medical Practice Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every time you add a new page of content to your website, it forces search engines to take a closer look at your site. Your site's rank on a search engine results page is effected by a number of algorithms, but when you add new content, it increases your site's authority with search engine software. Websites that are constantly growing increase their rank overtime.

Patient Information

With unlimited pages, you're able to host a wealth of medical information for your patients, which helps increase health care literacy. Dr. Leonardo's clients have access to over 6,000 healthcare conditions, treatments and procedures articles that are optimized for search engines and can be personalized to fit your unique medical practice.


Unlimited pages allows website owners more space to develop the personal brand of their medical practice online. Websites often serve as a first impression of a medical practice for many potential patients, make sure yours is a positive one.


Because Dr. Leonardo's clients are not restricted to a page minimum or maximum, they can build their sites with as many or few pages they would like. Dr. Leonardo's clients are empowered by complete website building freedom.

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