Refresh Your Dr. Leonardo Website

By   |  August 5, 2022

Giving your website a fresh new look can seem time consuming as well as expensive. Is it really worth it?

With Dr. Leonardo, you can have a completely new design in a matter of seconds!

Dr. Leonardo understands that having the same design for too long can become out dated. We have dozens of prebuilt templates to choose from according to your specialty. You even have access to other specialty's template designs. In just a matter of seconds, Dr. Leonardo transfers all your website's content into a brand new design with new layouts, photos, colors, and fonts.

A Dr. Leonardo PRACTICE-Site has 15+ different design layouts for every specialty. If you wish to skim other speciality's designs, you will have access to hundreds of layouts. With our photo library, you can choose new banner photos as well as write new tag lines and make any updates you feel are relevant.

Although each Dr. Leonardo PROVIDER-Site has the same template, you can certainly change color schemes as well as personalize your banner photo with new office photos or photos specific to your specialty.

Update your website layout and design however many times as you want with no cost! Show your patients that you are able to keep up with the ever-changing online trends.

Dr Leonardo Can Make Updates to Your Website

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