Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads Place Your Website at the Top of Search Results

By   |  August 20, 2021

Searching on the Internet for healthcare conditions renders an endless list of results. How can you compete with other health practices and clinics offering similar services?

Appearing on the first page of search engines is critical to the success of a practice's marketing campaign. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising brings your name and your practice to the top of search results to place you on the first page(s) where you will not be missed.

Digital MindScapes (DMS) can create and develop PPC text ads and display campaigns for re-targeting in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising:

  • Identify and list your website under applicable keywords and phrases.
  • Develop website titles, write ads and descriptions.
  • Code listings to track activity.
  • Determine and manage bids relative to budget.
  • Monitor bids and adjust bid amounts as necessary to provide the maximum exposure at lowest cost.
  • Complete money management.
  • Advise you of significant fluctuations on bid amounts.
  • Scheduled campaign analysis and discussions with Visibility Specialists.

PPC advertising allows you to target specific patients in certain geographic locations and demographics leading them to specific pages on your website. It is important to monitor and adjust your ads on a regular basis so you are not paying for unnecessary clicks. Re-targeting ads — ads that you often see on popular mainstream websites and social media sites such as The Weather Channel, Facebook, and others after you've visited a website — are extremely effective in bringing past visitors back to visit again. 

DMS continuously reviews data and modifies your campaign to help you acquire new patients and book appointments.

Digital MindScapes Can Provide Your Practice With Paid Advertising Services

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